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You’re building the marketing strategies, websites and platforms of the future. We’re helping entrepreneurs access the capital they need to grow. We’d love to work with you.

Digital agencies

You build marketing strategies and webshops designed to your customers’ needs. Let us help you increase your client’s budgets so you’re able to help them execute against more growth opportunities. As part of the program, you can gain new client leads and earn additional revenue through our revenue share program.

Platforms & apps

You build technology that helps entrepreneurs build their business. Let us help you get more exposure for your product with well funded and growing online businesses across Europe. You can also earn additional revenue for your business by participating in our revenue share program.

What do we offer?

Fundbox Flex Pay

With Fundbox Flex Pay you can have peace of mind that important business expenses can be paid on time. Get 3 extra days to repay—with no fees. Learn more about Fundbox Flex Pay → Fundbox Plus When you upgrade to Fundbox Plus, you unlock 20% lower fees, more time to pay, and exclusive benefits. More information coming soon

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