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Fast funding for your business.

We invest between US$50k- 5 Million in companies we like. When we invest, we give you a credit line that you can use when you want. Simply ask your suppliers to send us the bill and we will pay it for you. It’s that simple. Our investment is structured in many ways:

Private Equity
Venture Debt
Import Finance
Export Finance

Supply Chain Finance
Inventory Finance

Trade Finance

Funding that works for you

We look for great founders and management.

We invest in people. We look for businesses that are revenue generating and need cash to grow.

Our investment criteria:

Above US$500,000 annual revenue

We invest in companies that have revenues of US$500k-80 million


Companies have to be in developed markets

We invest in companies located in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore 

Deal in Hardware or Consumer Goods

While we invest in most businesses, we prefer companies in E-commerce Retail, Fashion, Accessories, Consumer household goods, Hardware, Manufacturing, Distribution, etc

Countries Served

Consultants Worldwide

Million US$ Retail Value Funded

Plus Years of Experience

Our Portfolio

Some of the companies we have invested in…

Our investment analysts will understand your business, cash flow cycle, walk you through the process and help you obtain the funds you need.

“Ocean is better than equity investors. You made it so simple. We have been able to grow and keep up with inventory demand with the additional cash reserves.”

Scott Flear

Founder, Rugby Warfare, UK

“Oceans inventory funding partnership was something we have been looking for. Easy to use and reliable. We are even getting better pricing from our supplier by buying in bulk. “

Lewis Jones

CEO, Druids Golf, Ireland

“We got funded in 2 weeks. It was a lifesaver. Having an investor on board to be able to buy stock from China during the holiday season was a huge boost to our topline.

Dushyant Bhav

Chairman & CEO, Bhumi, Australia

“We use Ocean to finance all of our seasonal collections when we are cash flow heavy. It allows us to spend more on marketing and less on stock.”

Jot Wysman

Founder & CEO, Gourmet Health Foods, Australia

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