2023/01 Newsletter

Let’s Make a Trade​ Enabling Global Trade for SME’s


​Hello OCEAN Friends,

  • We’re pleased to announce a brand new additional credit insurance contract for our New York Office with Coface. This will allow us to take on another US$3-6million in new contracts with faster underwriting in the US.
  • We welcome new addition to our cap table, Michael Blakey, Managing Partner and co-founder of Singapore-based venture capital firm Cocoon Capital.
  • We’re pleased to announce a new customer Factor52, a digital wholesaler of consumer electronics. Our Inventory Finance solution leverages cutting-edge technology to boost their imports into the Netherlands and cater to the diverse European customer base of Factor52.
  • Our Core platform is undergoing a huge upgrade to be complete by Mar 2023 and will be fully operational by Q3. This will have our Open Credit dashboard implementation with end to end cross border payments integrated.



Factor52 combines traditional distribution and reselling with cutting-edge technology to help brands increase sales while preserving their unique identities and profit margins.

With a global reach and an end-to-end approach to commerce management, Factor52 specializes in working with high-quality brands across a wide range of products, including household appliances, electric heaters, consumer electronics, batteries, 3D printers, kitchenware, furniture and more.

Through this partnership, Ocean will now be able to offer our Inventory Finance solution to Factor52’s diverse customer base, helping them to streamline their operations and achieve their business goals.

We look forward to working with Factor52 and helping our customers achieve greater success in the e-commerce space.


OCEAN is committed to helping businesses around the world succeed. Our two main supply chain programs include Open Credit & Stock and Release.


Digital supply chains can help companies create full transparency into every stage of the supply chain, streamline business processes, and bring clarity to the finance function. In 2016, analysts at McKinsey articulated the idea of a next-generation digital supply chain, called Supply Chain 4.0. Digital twins are used tactically to visualize physical supply chains and provide diagnostic, analytical and feedback capabilities.

They can be used to pivot, reroute or reallocate finances in the supply chain. Data quality cannot be overstated, nor can the need for cross-checking, comparing and aggregating data from a variety of reliable sources. Advanced analytics interprets intelligence from all types of data sets, both structural and dynamic. Modern-day technological tools are essential for survival and growth. They help businesses maintain operations, even grow, in the face of adversity.


We’re hiring so please share these open positions with your network:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Operating officer with experience in Fintech or Logistics tech

We plan to start Series A tech demos soon – for an early sneak peek, please feel free to sign up for the Tech Demo here.


Thanks to all for your support and guidance on this journey!
As we are growing rapidly, please reach out to myself or Mike Donovan if you are interested in equity or debt investments.

Vishal H. Kewalramani

Chairman & CEO
Valkin Limited DBA OCEAN https://www.thisisocean.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalhk/

PS: Feel free to drop any time in my calendar here to catch up.

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