2022/04 Newsletter

Let’s Make a Trade​ Enabling Global Trade for SME’s


​Hello everyone! We’re pleased to send along our latest newsletter with the following highlights:

  • Market turmoil is creating demand for OCEAN solutions with our order book having grown to US$24 million
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) has grown to US$ 610,000
  • A Strategic Services Agreement with SEQATO for International Payments has been signed



*Please note that Revenue numbers for all the above periods have been updated to reflect OCEAN’s transition to calendar year reporting [Jan.- Dec.]



Due to the slowing economy OCEAN has seen a dramatic increase in demand for its supply chain and trade services. Our order book has gone up from US$ 18 million to US$ 24 million in a matter of months.

We are expanding our sales and marketing efforts and deploying capital so that customer order volume can be fulfilled. This will favorably impact our overall revenue and cash flow positions, especially when we consider 2018 performance as a baseline for our company.

Having said that the IMF states in its recent April 2022 report that the [Russian aggression in Ukraine] will slow economic growth significantly. We have seen large spikes in food, energy and real estate prices which make the cost of doing business much higher for all. However, with many companies focused on improving resiliency in the global value chain since COVID took hold, we believe our business could see solid demand. Prospects improve further if the conflict in Eastern Europe and logistics challenges in China can be resolved.


OCEAN invested in Australian company Bhumi, which means ‘Mother Earth’ in Sanskrit. The company was founded by Vinita and Dushyant Baravkar. Bedding, bath and apparel make up their product offering which is manufactured in Fairtrade factories with Certified Organic cotton.

“We got funded in 2 weeks. It was a lifesaver. Having an investor on board to be able to buy stock from China during the holiday season was a huge boost to our topline.“

Dushyant Baravkar
Chairman & CEO, Bhumi Australia


We’re hiring so please share these open positions with your network:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Operating officer with experience in Fintech or Logistics tech
  • Digital partnerships director (US and UK) x2
  • Head Of Engineering

We plan to start Series A tech demos by September! So for an early sneak peek, please feel free to sign up for the Tech Demo here. ​Please feel free to email myself or Mike Donovan.


Thank you to everyone for your support and guidance thus far!

Vishal H. Kewalramani

Chairman & CEO
Valkin Limited DBA OCEAN https://www.thisisocean.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalhk/

PS: Please feel free to drop any time in my calendar here to catch up.

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